Asian food ・ベルギー食生活

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Japanese food has been very popular in the world. Of course, in Belgium it always comes top of the list.  especially SUSHI !!


Yes, i love to cook, but you know ? to enjoy Sushi I definitely visit a restaurant. There are many choices here and I will never be bothered. However, sometimes we make mistakes. Even if the fish here is not fresh (mainly imported), it’s still tasty 😉

But its not always

Yes, we should have ordered by checking a photo of the menu BEFORE ordering….

The sushi I had yesterday was fried FRIED Frying Sushi ? Crying… Plus no Tuna or Salmon Sushi.

I have not ordered Vegan Sushi, but a normal one. It was shocking,, OMG


It cost me EUR 50, I cant believe it.



tot volgende keer