Dutch Private Lesson

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Goedenavond wereld こんばんは!

Have you ever heard of ” Apprentus ” ?


This is a platform to find a teacher to learn any subject you are interested in 🙂 According to its website, the below subjects are listed as examples. Other than that, you can learn sports such as Yoga !

I have studies Dutch at school, and then found a teacher for online private lesson. I had motivation to study, however, it is always hard to concentrate on 2-hour lesson after work ….

Private lessons are a solution for me. You can arrange each lesson as you wish 🙂

Via Apprentus, you can find teachers being located in your region (or Online lesson!). I feel the price for a lesson is not so expensive compared to private lessons being provided language schools.

It is because teachers at Apprentus are generally working independently.

Looking for a private tutor immediately ?!! –NO I recommend studying basic grammar and conversation by yourself, and then look for a private tutor. There are many FREE online material and books for Dutch. Also, you may enjoy lessons if you can already understand a bit of Dutch.

Let’s study language together!

Tot volgende keer またね。