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Nowadays it is really easy to find materials to study languages. But for Dutch, there has been not so much information compared to other popular languages like English and French….

In this article, you will find a useful textbook and online website to study dutch FOR ALL LEVEL !!

1. Nederlands in ACTIE


This is one of the series of textbooks. Depend on your level, you can start from the beginner level (A1). It covers 3 elements of language study namely Listening, Reading, Writing.

Reading: many reading materials can be found Listening:many practices are prepared. Do not forget to purchase Website access to listen to the material Writing: this series of books explain grammar in detail with practice. The level of grammar depend on the learner’s level. Also many vocabulary is included

This book looks heavy, yes… however, it will cover all the basics and also it suites for learners who need a structure for their study 🙂

2. Zeg het in Nederlands


So, how to practice Speaking ?

Let’s me introduce zeg het in nederlands. This website, you can find free podcast for Dutch learners. It is read rather slowly compared to native spearkers.

Now there is 48 tracks available. teams are varied and you may find interesting topics 😉

Until completing B1 level at school, I had no confidence to talk with local native people. However, it is the most efficient way to check your pronunciation and improve listening level.

I have found a native private teacher to practice pronunciation. Cost depends on the teacher, and I do recommend studying by yourself first before asking for support.

It is because Dutch grammar is not so complex if you have already studied English.

I hope this information would help your study

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