Study Dutch in Belgium

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National languages in Belgium are French, Dutch and German. Needless to say, people speak very fluent English here. Especially in Brussels, you may be able to find a job if you have no knowledge of such national languages.

However, you are not an expat and would like to stay here for a long period like staying with your Belgian partner or getting a job ??

Let’s study French or Dutch. It must be your asset !!

In this article, I will share my journey to learn Dutch in Belgium.

(1)CVO (Cursussen Voor Volwassenen)


This is an adult education centres. I have attended evening class after work. Considering price, size and period, I do recommend CVO for the beginners !

A. Location– Brussels, Meise-Jette, Strombeek and Vilvoorde etc CVO SEMPER is the largest CVO in the wider region around Brussels and the northern edge of the city. there are 46 teaching locations in Brussels or Flemish Brabant

B. Subject- languages like Dutch, French, German. It offers Spanish and Italy etc

C.Period– every 6-month for an evening course (2 evenings per week). If you follow day lesson, it can be much shorter. (every weekday)

D. price – around EUR 50 per course (2022). Please consult on the website. Text is inclusive.

In my case, I have studies Dutch at CVO from the beginning (A1- B1).

Did it work ? YES, for me, I could learn the basics of Dutch even keeping my job. Also the price is affordable.

If you are from other country, you may have not so many friends here. For me, I had no friends or family. At CVO, everyone is in the same situation. It also a nice place to find friends!!!

There are many other ways to study Dutch, private or University. It will follow soon

Tot volgende keer.